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Mrsa Symptoms | Common MRSA Symptoms That You Should Know

The term methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA is not a much known medical term among the general population. However, most people are aware of the various symptoms of this bacterial skin infection. MRSA is difficult to treat because the bacterium is resistant to most common antibiotics.The causal bacterium lives on almost everyone and most surfaces around us. The infection starts    .. more …

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Mrsa | MRSA Down, C. Difficile Up Slightly, Says CDC

Four types of common healthcare-associated infections are in decline, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2010 report . However, the agency said that clostridium difficile infections resisted prevention efforts, with a slight increase of 1.1% compared with 2008 and a projected increase of 6.8% for 2010. In a statement, CDC director Thomas R. Frieden, MD, said “Hospitals    .. more …

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Mrsa | Three Teen MRSA Cases Treated

Two South High Community School students told school officials they were ill Wednesday and a Worcester Technical High School student came forward yesterday, Superintendent Melinda J. Boone said at a press conference yesterday afternoon that included Dr. B. Dale Magee, the city’s public health commissioner.All three were identified this week as having MRSA and are on antibiotics, officials    .. more …

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Staph Infection | NSW Hospitals Worst For Staph Infections

Nine of 13 Australian hospitals that have failed to meet the national benchmark for golden staph infection rates are in NSW.Infection rates for 450 public hospitals were uploaded to the federal government’s MyHospitals website for the first time on Thursday.The national benchmark for staph blood infections is no more than two cases per 10,000 occupied bed days.Thirteen hospitals failed to meet the    .. more …

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Mrsa Treatment | Colloidal Silver For Treatment Of MRSA Infection

mrsa treatment

Penicillin has been used for over six decades to cure diseases with a bacterial pathogen. But as with most breakthroughs, the public wasn’t aware of the costs that came with the mass distribution of this miracle multi-cure until it was too late.When antibiotics, like penicillin, work to inhibit to growth of bacteria, bacteria reacts over time by actually growing stronger. Bacteria can evolve so    .. more …

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