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Flesh Eating Bacteria | Shoes: Every Morning's Important Decision

flesh eating bacteria

Whoever thought that traveling, when we have enormous amounts of walking to do, would lead us to wear the worst shoes available…flip-flops. Sure, they have their place: the locker room at your gym, inside public showers, around the pool deck, and maybe one or two other uses. But absolutely not in an airport. I mention this for two reasons. The first seems obvious but overlooked. I guarantee if    .. more …

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Staph Infection | New Compound Overcomes Drug-resistant Staph Infection In Mice

staph infection

Jan. 7, 2013 — Researchers have discovered a new compound that restores the health of mice infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an otherwise dangerous bacterial infection. The new compound targets an enzyme not found in human cells but which is essential to bacterial survival.The research team, led by scientists at the University of Illinois and the University of    .. more …

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New Staff Outbreak | The Cost Of Remodeling Your Kitchen

new staff outbreak

If you have an idea of what your dream kitchen would consist, then you have something in common with nearly every adult you’ve ever met. So, we’re all dreaming about these kitchens, but do any of us actually own one? Trends in kitchen design seem to change as often as companies change their TV ad campaigns. Small improvements are being made to kitchen gadgets all the time. Now and then a new fad    .. more …

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New Mrsa Outbreak | Is It Safe To Have Sexual Relations With Someone Who Is A MRSA Carrier?

new mrsa outbreak

My longterm boyfriend was just diagnosed as a MRSA carrier. He has had (2) outbreaks in the last 15 months. The first which was very severe. I have read bodily fluids can infect another person. What precautions should we take?He needs to get rid of carrier status completely. Otherwise, anything he touches (including faucet handles) after he touches inside of nose will have the MRSA bacteria    .. more …

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Mrsa | What Exactly Is Term Life Insurance?


For people with a mortgage and family to support, not having a term life insurance policy exposes them to a large financial risk. This risk becomes apparent when you consider how the mortgage and household bills would be paid if the main income producer were to die or to become terminally ill. The end result could be that loved ones who are left behind find their home is repossessed because they    .. more …

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