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New Mrsa Outbreak | Is Pneumonia Contagious? Can It Be Serious Even If You Don't Have A Fever?

new mrsa outbreak

I had pneumonia a month ago and I took the antibiotics as prescribed but I’m preety sure it came back. My symptoms are rattling in my cheset, dfficulty in breathing, sore throat, head pains all over, no appetite, can’t talk (laryngitis), and achy all over. I also have a MRSA outbreak on my nost right now. MRSA is that antibiotic resistant staph infection. Thanks for any help.Pneumonia can be    .. more …

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Staph Infection | Prehistoric Doctors Would Have Appreciated Cheap Landau Scrubs

staph infection

THE DOCTORS BEFORE WRITING The Stone Age included the first “doctors.” Okay, we should use the term “doctors” loosely. The doctors were actually medicine men known as “shamans,” who practiced a very primitive form of medicine. Instead of going to medical school, as today’s physicians do, the shamans learned their trade through different ways. No written language and medical textbooks existed    .. more …

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Mrsa | Swine Flu And Hotel Beds-what Are The Risks - Article Dashboard


Hepatitis A virus can survive outside the body for for months. HAV can survive certain acids and some heat and survive in dried feces. Other Hepatitis viruses such as HBV and HCV can live from 16 hours to up to a week. Researchers have known since 2005 that “superbugs” like C.Difficille, which is found mainly in hospitals , can live for weeks in bedding and can be resistant to even bleach.    .. more …

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