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New Mrsa Outbreak | What Helps Ease The Painful Sores From MRSA?

new mrsa outbreak

I have MRSA. I have 3 medications. 2 oral and 1 topical. Can I put the cream on more than twice a day as directed to make it heal faster? Is my boyfriend safe from it? Should he stay somewhere else until it clears? I have it on my skin, arms, back, shoulders, ect. Please helpNo, applying the ointment more often will not make it heal faster. Apply as directed. The danger with your boyfriends    .. more …

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Flesh Eating Bacteria | Double Infection Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Puts Man In Coma [Warning: Graphic]

flesh eating bacteria

An emergency case Tocco Tussardi and her colleagues were part of the team that treated a 44-year-old man who first sought medical treatment for a fever and severe back pain that over-the-counter painkillers couldn’t ease. His doctor had prescribed stronger painkillers, but the fever continued, and the man’s right buttock became red and inflamed, prompting the administration of antibiotics.The    .. more …

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