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Flesh Eating Bacteria | Cut On My Hand? Flesh Eating Bacteria?

I accidentally received a cut on my hand last night after unplugging something behind the TV and my shoulder started to bother me. Could I have received a flesh eating bacteria?I love these worst case    .. more …

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Flesh Eating Bacteria | How Do People Get The Flesh Eating Bacteria?

if i put my saliva on a popped pimple would i get it…Its also known as necrotizing fasciitisMany different types of bacteria can cause this infection. A very severe and usually deadly form of necrotizing soft tissue infection is due to Streptococcus pyogenes, which is sometimes called “flesh-eating bacteria.”Necrotizing soft tissue infection develops when the bacteria enters the body, usually    .. more …

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Mrsa Treatment | Researchers Launch Phase 1 Clinical Trial Of Potential MRSA Treatment

PUBLIC RELEASE DATE: 24-Jan-2014 Contact: Nalini Padmanabhan 301-402-1663 NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Researchers launch Phase 1 clinical trial of potential MRSA treatment Drug represents a novel class of antibiotics WHAT: Scientists have begun the first human clinical trial of EDP-788, an investigational oral antibiotic intended to treat    .. more …

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