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New Staff Outbreak | Anyone See The Movie Outbreak!?

We watched the movie in class, and i was absent for one day so missed some of it1) What is the general reaction of the health care workers at the hospital? why?2) What was the mode of transmission in 1967? What is the mode of transmission now? What is the biggest difference between the two modes?3) What are the similarities/differences between the natives’ and the military’s techniques of dealing    .. more …

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New Staff Outbreak | Why Was Germany To Blame For The Outbreak Of WWI?

I need to write a speech for History. I only really want why Germany was to blame. Please no exaggeration and please get your facts right!THANK YOU!!!I will choose the best answer today!!!Germany was at trouble with many nations – Russia, France and Britain.Germany was not responsible for the First World War; rather, of the initial combatants in WWI they bear equal if not lesser blame.It is fair    .. more …

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