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Mrsa | Washing Hands - Why It's Important To Keep Them Clean

Some people are overly fussy about washing their hands all the time while others don’t clean them as much. But for most part we clean our hands when they get dirty or are stained.Cleaning our hands prevents the transferring and spreading of nasty germs that we come into contact with in the toilet, through door handles, from an ATM, from a handshake, after touching the sick and from the many    .. more …

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Mrsa | Mapping MRSA's Family Tree

NEWARK, N.J. — Check into a hospital and you run the risk of infection with a methicillin-resistant strain of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. But present day MRSA might have been worse if it had descended directly from a 1950s version of the bug, according to a study co-authored by Barry N. Kreiswirth, PhD, a professor at the Public Health Research Institute of UMDNJ- New Jersey    .. more …

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Mrsa | Three Teen MRSA Cases Treated

Two South High Community School students told school officials they were ill Wednesday and a Worcester Technical High School student came forward yesterday, Superintendent Melinda J. Boone said at a press conference yesterday afternoon that included Dr. B. Dale Magee, the city’s public health commissioner.All three were identified this week as having MRSA and are on antibiotics, officials    .. more …

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Mrsa | Green Tea Benefits Vs White Tea Benefits

All tea has a vast array of wonderful health promoting properties, but the concentrations of different antioxidant phenols, caffeine, and L-theanine vary greatly from type to type of tea. Many people are well aware of the health benefits of green tea, but what about white tea? What are some of white tea’s benefits and properties and how do they compare with the benefits of green tea, black tea,    .. more …

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Mrsa | What Can MRSA Symptoms Lead To?

MRSA is a type of skin infection that is fast becoming more commonplace. Outbreaks of the illness can occur literally anywhere now, but they were once confined to hospitals and nursing homes. Today however the number of people being diagnosed with MRSA symptoms is on the increase. As MRSA symptoms can be thought to be another skin complaint such as boils, carbuncles, abscesses, styes, impetigo or    .. more …

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Mrsa | MRSA Risk Assessment For Schools

Whenever there is a case of MRSA the immediate reaction seems to be to deep clean the school. It may be time to take a careful look at the facilities and establish the worst places for MRSA spread at the school. Has anyone asked if there has been a risk assessment done for MRSA spread at the school your children attend? If not why not? “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” is a    .. more …

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Mrsa | Touch Screen Tech And MRSA Virus Dangers


Well, touch screen technology is finally here, isn’t it? That’s great, I guess we all agree, and yet, I’d sure like to remind everyone that the MRSA virus is also here, there, and well, everywhere as well. The other day, I was sitting at Starbucks discussing this with a medical student who is in his final round of medical school classes, what a long haul it’s been for him, all he does is study,    .. more …

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