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Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria cause potentially very severe infections which are generally hard treatable and not so easy to find at the beginninig. Regular Staph bacteria can be found on about 25 percent of human population, primarily set on skin, in nasal cavity or in throat area. In regular life conditions Staph bacteria is considered as a totally harmless, until natural immune system working in good order. In other case when immune system not respond well, this bacteria (MRSA) can cause difficult body damage even with fatal consequences.Usual way of this infectious disease transmission is by personal contact with infected person or MRSA carrier and broken skin tissue, also by gym equipment, toilets, sharing towels and inappropriate hygiene of locker rooms.

It generally starts with little painful bumps on the skin that look like acne, bacteria can enter the bloodline through a cut or wound, this can cause dangerous infections through out the body. General MRSA symptoms are next:
– Skin Boils
– Carbuncles
– Styes
– Impetigo
– Abscesses
– Cellulitis
– Urinary tract infection
– Bloodstream infection

Skin Boils or furuncles are deep infections of the hair follicles, they are normally caused by SA bacteria infection. They are a painful swollen skin area caused by pus.

MRSA can also cause wound infections, smallpox, influenza and postoperative suppuration. Lab examination will set correctly diagnose, results are able within 2-3 days, but there is a new DNA testing that can show correctly diagnose after only couple of hours.In case that outcomes are postive, MRSA infection is dealing with mixture of antibiotics, specifically designated for each patient to achieve maximum efficiency.Antibiotics are not so effective in healing process because MRSA has power to adjust on several cases of medicines, and that is serious danger from this germ.The best prevention for the MRSA bacteria is personal hygiene, thoroughly wash your hands, and disinfect them, using band-aids on your cuts and injuries. If you discover any of the above symptoms, you should seek medical advice right away. As sooner is MRSA identified and healing process starts, there is a great probability that MRSA will be stopped without critical damaging of organic structure and long term consequences on patient.

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