Mrsa Symptoms | MRSA Information For Athletes - How To Manage This Problem

MRSA or methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a cause for concern for athletes and not just for the elderly and the infirm. It is true that this infection causes havoc in people who have lower immunity, but athletes can also suffer from this highly contagious disease if they play a lot of contact sports since there is a chance of getting cuts on the skin through which the bacteria can enter their system.

It is very important for athletes and their coaches to know MRSA symptoms well so that they can identify the problem and get treatment very quickly. Prompt treatment will ensure that the infection will not have the chance to become severe, thereby saving the athlete from missing too much time on the field. It will also protect other people in the team from contracting it. If the person has boils on the skin that look like spider bites then he or she should get a healthcare provider to look at it. Many people make the mistake of treating these boils themselves by breaking them in order to drain out the pus but this can make the infection even worse.

The sores caused by MRSA should be covered with bandages so that they do not spread contagion. It might be possible to play certain sports with bandages on, in which case the coach has to ensure that it is perfectly dry and that it has been fitted on by a qualified health care person. The bandage should also remain dry throughout the sports activity and there should be no possibility of fluids escaping from it. Proper protocol should also be maintained when it comes to disposing of the bandage and washing hands after it has been handled. A coach can also bench an athlete if he or she believes that the wound can get harmed as a consequence of playing the sport.

An athlete who is suffering from an MRSA infection should not be permitted to use a swimming pool, sauna, steam room or a Jacuzzi because of the risk of infecting others. Many infections occur in the locker room because this bacterium can spread easily with contact with contaminated objects. People should be advised to not share towels, razors, clothes and the like with others in order to control the spread of bacteria. It is very important for everyone to be aware of this skin infection so that they can take the necessary preventive measures.

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