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My story began a few years ago,

I had a raised lipoma beneath my back shoulder blade which was

allegedly benign, but very uncomfortable and getting larger.So I decided to have it removed. This was a simple procedure involving day surgery and local anesthetics that didn’t work very well, so after a lot of pain I was put under full anesthetic.A few hours later I came to and made my way home to rest.

A day or so later I started to feel feverish, with headaches and decided to see my local GP, who looked at the wound, recognized that it was getting a bit hot around the area, told me that it seemed all right and I have probably picked up a flu due to my compromised immune system post-surgery.

Another day and a half had passed, and by now I was a mess. I could barely walk, had a high temperature and my whole back had started to swell up. So I called a friend at 4:00am that morning who took me to the emergency ward at my local hospital.

Upon inspection the doctors immediately arranged a re-opening of the wound. When I awoke I found myself quarantined in an isolation ward with, tubes in my arms, a drain coming out of my back and feeling very sorry for myself.

The doctors had told me that the surgery had got severely infected due to poor practice during the initial surgery. The original procedure should have had a delayed enclosure of the wound with a drain for excess fluid being removed, because the removal of the lipoma left a cavity filled with warm fluid and low blood flow that was sealed up. This being a perfect breeding ground for MRSA, which seems to be thriving everywhere in our hospitals.

The doctors chose a very strong antibiotic that they hoped the staph infection would be sensitive to, while waiting for the sensitivities test to come back from pathology.

This time was very difficult, as I was getting worse and could feel life slipping away from me. Fortunately before all this happened I was of reasonable health and was able to maintain. When the test came back, it was confirmed that I did have MRSA and there were about three available antibiotics out of 10 that could treat the infection. So I spent the next week recovering on Clindamycin, intravenous drip and morphine.

Eventually I was discharged from hospital, with a big hole in my back and some kind of vacuum pump attached to it that I had to wear for a month. I had to do regular visits to the wound clinic and hospital for treatment and checkups. Meanwhile I had very little money and could not go to work.

The wound started to heal up, granulating from the inside out and I went to a local GP to inspect. He decided that it healed up enough that he could sew it up again. A few days later I was back on the chopping board, being cut open again due to a secondary infection.

After 2 months of regular doctor and nurse visits, regular doses of Clindamycin, I finally healed up.

During this period I spent all my spare time researching MRSA and how to repair myself, as the doctors and chemists I spoke to along the way told me I would never get rid of this out of my system, and would always be reliant on antibiotics.

After this is when the boils started to regularly appear, every minor cut I received got infected and when I would see the doctor “more antibiotics”. The boil would go away and soon after reappear in a new place.

Finally I gave up on the medical profession and decided to treat myself, no matter what. And I succeeded!

And now being years later I have never suffered another boil or staph related infection , even if I get dirt in my cuts (which regularly happens as I am a tradesman).

In fact I seem to be more immune to infections than I was before all this happened?

This period turned into a very dark time for me. I did lost my girlfriend after she contracted the same infection (the doctors didn’t tell me it was contagious from skin contact). I lost friends; as it’s no surprise how unpopular you become when you are miserable all the time, the drugs and pain are affecting your mental state and everyone sees you as some filthy, diseased leper. I ended up with a huge ugly scar on my back and also there is the financial burden from being unable to work followed by losing my job as well.

But looking back positively, I became a stronger person within, learned a lot about the human immune system and the ability to heal oneself, naturally. And so can you…

You need to follow a few simple procedures to begin your recovery and preventreoccurrance.

The process begins by finishing the course of antibiotics, if you have been prescribed. this needs to be stopped (unless critical) otherwise they will destroy the ecology of your body along with the staph infection. And you will keep going around in circles withreoccurring infections.

Building your immune system is critical (and obvious) but there is a specific way to do this to directly combat the MRSA. And using ingredients that actually work without harming you body further or complicating other conditions. The Ebooklet on my web site explains in more detail about effective methods and ingredients to increase the immune system, cleanse the body and kill the bacteria permanently.

The other major factors are correct wound and boil treatment, (this is critical) and personalhygiene using hospital grade cleansers and followed by natural alternatives.

Please visit my website and download my e-booklet for a detailed recovery procedure that really does work…

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