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If you have any interest in MRSA, (the Staph infection you can get in the hospital that can kill you), please read this short interview with the nation’s leader in non-antibiotic recovery of MRSA. His name is Shannon Brown.
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Here is the interview….

Dear Friend,

Here’s a question we get all the time; “Dear Mr. Brown I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with MRSA positive culture in my nose, I have read all the information on your web site which is very interesting, I was wondering what to do next?”
That’s a great question. Here is the thing about culturing MRSA in the nose and throat; if you do research you will find that about 20-25% of us have staphylococcus aureus in our nose and throat, and almost 70% of us have staphylococcus in our nose. So why doesn’t the 70% have a staph infection or the 20-25% of us have a raging MRSA infection? It is because our body naturally keeps it under control. So a positive culture in the nose means very little or nothing, yet people make it a big deal saying you’re a carrier and all these sort of things. We have this bacterium on our skin and in our nose so it doesn’t mean much.
Here are the basics, this bacterium is living and thriving on the skin and remember this bacteria is a blood born bacteria. So whenever a person has the smallest open sore this bacterium has a gateway to enter the bloodstream. It is possible to have a MRSA sore and not have it in the blood, but it is very rare. You can usually tell if it has entered the blood because the majority of people have some of the symptoms that are related to MRSA. The only way to positively tell is to do a blood test. What are some of the outward symptoms? The bacterium only consumes glucose or sugar, so most have sugar cravings. After a while the bacteria starts to product lactic acid to protect itself against the human immune system, so lactic acid builds up in the body. Lactic acid on its own is a natural healthy thing, but we’re talking about unhealthy levels of lactic acid. This causes your adrenals and thyroid to be affected, one becomes incredibly fatigued, your muscles are sore and ache, your joints start to hurt ” uric acid/gout, personality swings, depression, mood shifts, constipation, and it just goes on and on. These are all symptoms of MRSA, because they come from lactic acidosis. So having MRSA just in the nose doesn’t mean much, having it in the blood means everything. If you have an open wound of any kind you probably have it in the blood, especially if you have any of the symptoms that go along with it.

Go to our website. Read the testimonials. You can get rid of MRSA. You must get rid of the Lactic Acid. If you do, you’ll win the battle.
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MRSA can be stopped by understanding its relationship with lactic acid.
We will see you in our next video and article.

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