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Day one: I tried to fight this infection while I was still at work on a commercial fishing boat. I had brought with me on this fishing trip a black salve used for drawing out infections, but it wasn’t working on this one. I had know idea it was MRSA, but we also had an antibiotic on the boat, it was some kind of cillin not really sure. So I started taking it trying to get some kind of relief, I mean I was really hurting and after three days we realized that I had something pretty bad.

After five days I had to get to the hospital for help, I spent seven days there and had two surgeries on my left hand. While I was going through this, my sister was doing research online about MRSA, to try and help me with something natural, which she found, and I started taking the first day out of the hospital along with the antibiotics Vancomycin.
What she had found was called Alli-c, it is a product from garlic, it seems that when ever garlic is cut or chewed it will produce this allicin, but it doesn’t stay as allicin for very long and the body doesn’t get much allicin by eating it.

A biologist who has been working with garlic for many years, finally found a way to stabilize the allicin and this is the Alli-c my sister found, I started with 6 pills a day, three in the morning and three at night and I did this for 30 days.

One of the first things I did notice was how fast my hand started to heal, the doctors had told me that there would be skin grafts after they filled in the the whole with tissue from some other part of my body. That never took place, my hand healed completely without any other treatment other than the Alli-c and turmeric which I had started using in all my cooking.

The last thing that I started taking to help battle the MRSA bacteria was Colloidal Siver it turns out that back in world war one, this was the stuff they were taking until they started making their man made antibiotics and Colloidal Silver push out of the way for the sake of $$. Anyway these are the three things that I am using to treat MRSA and to date I have had no new infections.

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The Healing Formula - 8 Ounce  by The Healing Formula The Healing Formula – 8 Ounce  by The Healing Formula

Urban Hospital Sees High Rate Of Treatment Failure For Mrsa.(clinical Rounds): Urban Hospital Sees High Rate Of Treatment Failure For Mrsa.(clinical Rounds):
n Article From: Skin & Allergy News  by Doug Brunk

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