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MRSA is not a new infection. It has been a problem to the human race for thousands of years so far but it has only been documented about the middle of the twentieth century. This infection is in a way different to other infection because of the fact that the bacterium is resistant to many antibiotics and may become resistant even to more antibiotics. It is most often come across in hospitals or prisons where there are many people in a small area and there is contact between all of them.

Treatment of the MRSA is not impossible but if very difficult and last very long. The treatment is fastest in a hospital because the easiest way for a person to make the greatest use of the medicines is to acquire them through a peripheral catheter. On the other side, this infection is mainly spread in hospitals and even if you get better you may get infected again on your way out of the hospital. So, everyone would prefer to prevent the infection rather than treat it in a hospital for a very long period of time.

If you definitely want to do something in order to prevent yourself and other people from getting infected with the MRSA there are many things you can do. The first and the most important thing one can do is keep perfect hygiene. You should bathe as often as possible and you should wash hand for as long as it takes for you to be certain that you haven’t missed anything. What’s more, when out of home you’d better always have antibacterial tissues around so that you can clean your hands. Another thing you should do is always keep your wounds clean and properly covered with a plaster or a bandage. In this way you would keep the bacteria from spreading. Although there is not much evidence that the bacterium can be acquired when eating you should wash the vegetables and fruit very well and you should cook everything for as long as possible so that every single bacterium is killed. You should also dry all of your clothes, sheets and towels in a dryer because in this way you would be able to kill even more bacteria and you would reduce the chance for you to get infected. Last, but not least, it is preferable for you not to share anything with people you don’t know. Sharing towels or razors can be one of the easiest ways you can get infected, or else, you may infect someone if you have if yourself.

The fact that this is a difficult to treat condition leads people to thinking that prevention is the only way to success. If everyone is keeping these simple rules on a regular basis there would definitely be a huge decline in the number of people that get infected with the MRSA. In this way scientists will have more time to find the appropriate antibiotics that would help the human race in the fight against the MRSA. As with every other illness it is much better to prevent it rather than try to cure it.

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