Mrsa Treatment | Stories That Had Tampa Abuzz In 2013

There was no shortage of stories that generated plenty of water-cooler talk around the Tampa Bay area in 2013. From a feud between two high-profile radio personalities, to a weather anomaly that seemed to occur on a daily basis, to a restaurant’s questionable choice of menu items, these stories – ranging from serious to funny to just bizarre – were top of mind, at least for a little while.

Here is our list of stories, month by month, that generated the most buzz:

Bubba the Love Sponge, Schnitt vent, gloat over shock jock verdict

Tampa jurors sided with Bubba the Love Sponge Clem in a defamation suit brought by Todd Schnitt, but the two radio jocks took to the airwaves soon afterward. Clem said he was sorry Schnitt “got his feelings hurt” in the trial, and Schnitt responded that “sometimes jurors get it wrong.”

Waterspout hits Tampa as weak tornado

A waterspout formed in the channels north of Harbour Island worrying residents and spurring a flurry of smart phone photos showing the swirling spray near downtown Tampa. The gusts damaged roofs, tore off tree branches, toppled lampposts and caused traffic signal outages in the Channel District and industrial sector along Adamo Drive. Little did we know that it would set the stage for an onslaught of waterspouts later in the summer.

Brandon husband fatally shoots man ‘fornicating’ with his wife

Ralph Wald, 70, a retired attorney in Brandon, woke up one night to get a drink of water and saw a 32-year-old man having sex with his 41-year-old wife in his living room. He shot the man to death, but his wife was not hurt. Wald was later acquitted.

Tampa’s PDQ chain makes fan of Tebow

Former Florida quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow liked PDQ’s chicken sandwiches so much during a visit to Tampa he is financially backing several of its outlets in northern Florida.

Taco Fusion may keep controversial lion tacos on menu

A Tampa restaurant endured criticism, bomb threats and angry visitors for selling lion meat tacos ($35), along with other exotic options such as bear, zebra and kangaroo. The owner said the lions were farmed–raised.

Powerball winner from Zephyrhills claims prize

Zephyrhills retiree Gloria C. Mackenzie, 84, won the $590.5 million

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