Mrsa | Councillor Who Fought MRSA Twice Praises IRH's Action

Published: 15 Jul 2014 11:30

A COUNCILLOR who has twice picked up potentially deadly MRSA today hailed Inverclyde Royal’s new zero rate for healthcare-acquired infections.

The Tele recently revealed how rates for clostridium difficile (C.diff) and bacterial bugs MRSA and MSSA are at an all-time low at the IRH.

Jim MacLeod, pictured, who is the SNP’s health spokesman in the district, today described the figure – revealed in the Tele last week – as ‘great news’.

Councillor MacLeod has twice battled MRSA praised hospital staff for their work in eradicating the very dangerous bugs.

He said: “To learn that healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) cases have fallen to zero at Inverclyde Royal and that there have also been huge falls in cases throughout Scotland is great news.

“The hospital, its staff and the health board are to be congratulated in cutting numbers to zero.

“Patients and visitors who are taking simple steps like thoroughly washing their hands by using the liquid dispensers supplied throughout the hospital are also to be applauded.

“This is also having a remarkable effect in cutting infections.”

Councillor MacLeod added: “Over the years HAI and bugs like C

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