Mrsa | Gi Buying FAQ - Part 2

So, what’s with all of these types of diverse weaves? Single? Double? Ultra lite? Pro Lite? Lightweight? Platinum? Iron? Pearl? Summer? Feather? Gold? What GIVES???

Alright, fine. Don’t have a crisis. I know it can certainly be a whole lot initially. Allow me to check if I’m able to straighten things out a lttle bit. I’ve ordered them by weight. Least heavy are listed first and the largest are outlined final.

Ultra Lite / Pro Lite /Lightweight / Pearl / Summer – These are the lightest of all of the gis and kimonos. They are a breeze for you and your opponent to control (very high flexibility) and definitely won’t last forever. They’re, nevertheless, GREAT for tourneys (as you have to weigh in with the gi on). They also provide the most effective breathability so if your gym is a sauna such as my own can be during the summer months (as well as the wintertime when classes get over 20 men and women), then this might be a strong selection for you.

Single – Let’s just use this kind of gi as our standard. It’ll commonly last a decent length of time, contains a modest quantity of breathability to it. It possesses a great effective steadiness between sturdiness and ability to move.

Gold / Platinum / Hybrid – These types of gis come in between the single and the double. They’re very well-known since they’re more durable versus single and a little tougher for your opponent to hold, but not nearly as solid as the double.

Double / Iron – Suits of armor. These gis can last eternally. These are at the the complete opposite of the lightweight gis because they aren’t as mobile (some double-weave pants are denim) plus they are very difficult to manipulate. Additionally, they weigh over a light-weight and are best suited for training, unless you can weigh in for a competition without the uniform.

O. k., so how will I avoid messing up these things? After all, they can be around 100 dollars.

First, don’t be disgusting. Launder your gi soon after each time you roll. No person is more disgusting compared to guy who only takes off his wet gi and leaves it hanging in the locker room to dry out for weeks at a time. Yuck.

This can be helpful due to the fact nobody desires to train with a guy who is foul! Don’t get labeled as the MRSA or “Ringworm guy.” Every academy has one and no one is keen on him (Note: It’s always a dude. Gals tend to be wiser and better at staying fresh than we’re).

For those who don’t want your gi to shrink, wash it on cold and hang dry it. Hang drying will also help the gi be preserved longer. It’s acceptable to dry your gi, just understand that it fades away more quickly by doing this. The more processes you put it through, the smaller its durability.

When you got a new colored gi like all the other hip kids (just not yellow.. never yellow), be sure to rinse it the first time in vinegar. Make sure to lock in the color as best they will at the factory before they ship the gi out, but it never hurts to try and do a little bit more.

NEVER bleach your gi. Other soaps will get blood and other spots off the gi, but bleach will damage the material and your gi will get torn to shreds in training.

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