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Unlike many pharmaceuticals, Manuka Honey has been found to have no negative side effects when used for medicinal purposes. However, like all honey, Manuka Honey is sticky and can be somewhat unmanageable when applied to the skin. Honeymark has eliminated that inconvenience by blending this valuable ingredient into medicated creams and lotions for a much more desirable and user-friendly application.

Manuka Honey is successful in treating such a wide variety of skin conditions because it is antimicrobial, meaning that it can destroy infectious microorganisms including bacterial, viral and fungal microbes. Microscopic analysis has revealed that these infectious microorganisms cannot survive in the presence of Manuka Honey. Therefore, all skin conditions caused by them can be effectively treated by using Manuka Honey. Once the microbes are destroyed, the symptoms are alleviated.

Honeymark has developed products based upon years of research and anecdotal evidence of Manuka Honey being effective in treating certain conditions. In addition to active Manuka Honey, Honeymark products also contain other ingredients that are effective in treating the various conditions that each product is specially formulated for. Below is a list of Honeymark’s Manuka Honey products:

* Acne Cream
* Anti-Fungal Solution
* Anti-Itch Cream
* Antiseptic Spray
* Anti-Wrinkle Serum
* First Aid Antiseptic Lotion
* Hand Sanitizing Gel
* Liquid Hand Soap
* Pain Relief Cream

Among Manuka Honey’s many accolades is its ability to destroy the deadly MRSA bacterium and heal Staph infections. Manuka Honey has the ability to draw moisture out of MRSA bacterial cells, making it impossible for them to survive. MRSA has become impervious to antibiotics by clumping together and forming biofilms that act as a protective layer. However, Manuka Honey interferes with the bacterial cell division cycle that allows MRSA to multiply and form these biofilms, making it a viable treatment solution for MRSA Staph infections.

Manuka Honey’s ability to eradicate MRSA is now being considered a major medical breakthrough. Honeymark’s First Aid Antiseptic Lotion is the product that is being used to effectively treat MRSA. Their Hand Sanitizing Gel, Antiseptic Spray and Liquid Hand Soap can be used as preventative measures by eliminating bacteria on the skin.

“Manuka Honey is nature’s best kept secret,” says Frank Buonanotte, CEO of Honeymark International. “Although, consumers are becoming more educated about different treatment options thanks to the Internet. Consumers are also feeling more comfortable with products that contain natural ingredients instead of the laundry list of side effects that come with the use of many pharmaceuticals.”

Honeymark plans to unveil new Manuka Honey products in the future. In addition to its line of skin care products, Honeymark also sells Manuka Honey in a jar for individuals who want to take advantage of its healing benefits internally. When taken orally, Manuka Honey is effective in treating stomach ulcers, stomach aches, sore throats, cold and flu symptoms, gastritis, irritable bowl syndrome, acid reflux disease, etc.

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By: Frank Buonanotte

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