Mrsa | New MRSA Superbug Discovered In Cows' Milk

A new strain of MRSA has been identified in cows’ milk and in people, but don’t stop drinking milk ” the bug is killed off in pasteurisation.

However, the strain evades detection by standard tests used by some hospitals to screen for MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ), potentially putting people at risk.

Laura Garcia Alvarez , then at the University of Cambridge, and colleagues were studying infections in British cows when they discovered antibiotic-resistant bacteria that they thought were MRSA . However, tests failed to identify the samples as any known strains of the superbug.

Sequencing the mystery bacteria’s genomes revealed a previously unknown strain of MRSA with a different version of a gene called MecA . The new strain was also identified in samples of human MRSA, and is now known to account for about 1per cent of human MRSA cases.

Most tests look for the original MecA gene to identify MRSA. However, they do not detect the new version of the gene, which means the tests need to be

In countries such as Denmark, for example, where the new strain has been identified in humans, hospitals use this kind of test to screen patients for MRSA when then enter the hospital, says study co-author Mark Holmes . People carrying the new strain might

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