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If Silver Protect Solution or gel is kept in grips with bacteria for 6 minutes and it kills them dead.

On several tons of thousands of occasions individuals have taken Silver Shield Gel or Liquid to use on some infection or alternative with great impact and they have saved themselves the misery of taking antibioticscomplete with all their side effects.

This natural highly effective cleansing agent can’t be counseled highly enough.


For tons of years the health advantages of Silver were suspected however not proven. Before doctors or scientists understood microbes and bacteria Silver was employed in several completely different scenarios to shield food and drinks from “going off”.

Ancient Greeks used Silver vessels for water purification and pioneers trekking westward across the USA used Silver to stay their water safe and to stop dysentery, colds and flu.

Settlers in the Australian outback suspended silverware in their water tanks to slow spoilage and topical silver antiseptic solutions were employed in the sector hospitals throughout World War 2.

Switzerland uses silver water purification filters as do many international airlines.

Silver was developed within the late 1800s and used medicinally. By the 1940s, approximately forty eight totally different Silver compounds were on the market for treating a selection of ailments.
Up until 1938 when fashionable antibiotics were introduced Silver was administered in nearly every means that modern medication are today. It was used as a gargle, dropped in to eyes, applied as a douche, taken orally, injected and applied topically.
Though Silver was in decline from the Nineteen Forties it began to create a comeback within the 1970s when Dr Carl Mayor, chairman of Washingtons University’s Dept of Surgery received a grant to develop better treatment for burn victims.

Nowadays Silver is being employed in 70% of the burn centres in America. ” Silver is the simplest all spherical germ fighter we have ” reported Dr Margraf in 1996.


Interest in Silver has grown lately as a result of of the emergence of Antibiotic-resistant superbugs and also the ineffectiveness of some antibiotics.

Additional than 95 per cent of Staph bacteria are currently proof against Penicillin. In October 2007 a report from the Journal of the Yank Medical Association (JAMA) said public health authorities estimated that MRSA strains are causing additional deaths in the USA than AIDS.

Dr Gordon Pederson, the formulator of “Silver Sol” tells us that tests show that Silver Sol destroys bacteria (at least 143 completely different sorts) viruses, fungi and alternative microbes.
It has been shown to kill MRSA, SARS, Malaria, Anthrax, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Hepatitis C, HIV and influenza.All inside 6 minutes

Anti viral

The Institute for Antiviral Analysis has analysis supporting Silver’s use against Avian Influenza A and especially H5N1 Bird Flu

Anti fungal

A 2005 Brigham University study found that Silver kills Candida Albicans in 10 minutes while not destroying healthy Lactobacillus (flora). Silver has additionally been shown to kill black mold.

Other uses for Silver

As an antimicrobial agent Silver Sol has been shown to be useful within the treatment and prevention of burn infections, post surgical wound infections and gynaecological infections

How will it work?

Silver kills bacteria on contact by pulling one electron from atoms comprising the bacterial cell membrane, thereby rupturing the bacterial cell. The new Aquasol technology silver, Silver Sol, works by an electromagnetic charge. Silver renders the virus impotent and unable to reproduce.

With it’s magnetic resonance, Silver Sol destroys bacteria and viruses. The new Silver resonates at between 890-910 tetrahertz, the precise frequency that the majority laboratories use to protect from potential viral and bacterial infestation.

So long as Silver stays up-to-date with the bacteria, yeast, mould or virus, for a minimum of vi minutes, the bacteria will die. A 2006 report in “Current Science” shows that Silver exhibits equal or a broader spectrum of activity than anyone antibiotic.

Silver can be used as an interior and external disinfectant as a result of it passes through the body unchanged, that suggests that it will not produce any dangerous metabolites and is 99 p.c cleared by the subsequent day.

Powerful antibiotics can suppress the immune operate and negatively have an effect on friendly flora leading to an overgrowth of yeast or different pathogens. Tests on Silver show that it will not cause the same facet effects.

Why have I not heard concerning it before?

Silver is relatively cheap and pharmaceutical firms don’t seem to be going to form much money from providing this. The mark up on antibiotics is way bigger and although Silver will be relatively cheaply produced, neither will you actually charge a heap for it. It is something nature has provided and we have currently learnt and understood a lot of about it.

Colloidal Silver has been around for some time however the new generations of Silver Aquasol technology (Silver Sol/Silver Protect Gel) have proved themselves to be effective against literally dozens of pathogens while not the fear of toxicity. Silver will not turn you Blue.

The Silver Shield Gel and therefore the Silver Sol Solution that’s reccommended incorporates a US Patent No 7135195 issued in 2006.
It’s had to travel through exhaustive trials to achieve such accreditation.


Is Silver safe to ingest?

Extremely. It’s non toxic to humans. It passes through the body unmetabolized. This implies it will not turn out toxic metabolites which will contribute to varied health conditions.
Between 90-99 % of ingested Silver Sol products are disposed of by the body the subsequent day.

Not solely are these merchandise extraordinarily safe and fairly cheap, they’re straightforward to hold around with you ought to a time come back that you wish it during a hurry.
No waiting in Doctors practices and no prescription charges. Silver has been shown to purify water in four minutes should the need ever arise because of acts of bio terrorism.
There aren’t any negative aspect effects (like those experienced with many prescription drugs).

It extremely does work.

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