Mrsa | 'Superbug' Doesn't Have Much Of A Bite

A NEW strain of the superbug MRSA has been discovered by scientists at Trinity College in Dublin.

So how worried should we be? The good news is that it is not very aggressive and responds well to antibiotics, which can clear the infection.

Like any form of MRSA, it can cause severe illness in vulnerable patients if it gets into the bloodstream, said researcher David Coleman from Trinity.

The new strain was found in a hospital in Dublin and in the south of the country. The two patients had the MRSA strain on their skin, but not in their bloodstream. The strain is not virulent and can be treated with antibiotics.

Prof Coleman said his team developed a pioneering test for the new strain last year, and hospitals are now able to detect it.

The hospitals send off samples to a laboratory and the results of the tests inform doctors what strain they’re dealing with and thus what drugs to use.

“All MRSA circulating in Ireland are monitored by the national MRSA laboratory in St James’s hospital,” says Prof Coleman. “If they come up with anything unusual they ask us to do sophisticated genetic tests.

“We sequenced the entire genome and we were able to

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