Mrsa | Target: Superbugs. Ohio Drug Startup Focused On MRSA Infection

An Ohio startup is developing a new antibacterial drug that would keep so-called ” superbugs ” such as MRSA from replicating in the body.

Promiliad Biopharma is hoping its early development efforts yield a new drug capable of beating bacteria that have grown resistant to most antibiotics on the market today. The most well-known example is a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or MRSA , infection.

“The problem with the antibiotics out today are that their mechanisms are essentially well-known by bacteria, and the bacteria are rapidly developing to overcome them,” said Steve Bergmeier , one of Promiliad’s principals and a chemistry professor at Ohio University.

The company’s technology works by targeting a specific enzyme that bacteria use to synthesize DNA. If bacteria are unable to synthesize DNA, they die because they can’t replicate, Bergmeier said.

For several years, we’ve been hearing about the rise of drug-resistant bacteria and the dearth of new medications in development to combat them. A 2009 Time Magazine article called the situation “desperate” and noted that superbugs like MRSA were rendering traditional antibiotics “obsolete.”

“The issue is quite dreadful,” a researcher told Time. “When you look down the pipeline, there are only a handful of new antibiotics in development, and all in the early stages.”

That’s where Promiliad could come in, although the company’s work is still in the very early stages. The

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