Flesh Eating Bacteria | Can Necrotizing Facsiitis Eat Away At Bone, As Well As The Skin And Muscle?

This flesh-eating bacteria creates toxins that literally act almost like someone injected sulfuric acid inside your skin, and you know what sulfuric acid does to you if you touch it….it causes severe burns and even eats away at metal. The bacteria literally “eat away at the skin and the muscle” from the inside out.

Just soft tissue, not bone.

This is what I found:

If NF is detected during the early stages (before toxic shock), the need to surgically remove skin and soft tissue can be “relatively” small, with removal of flesh and subcutaneous tissue, and fat only. The bacteria usually does not attack muscle or bone (although it can happen). In more advanced cases (and this is often) major limb amputation is necessary.

Where I got my answer: http://www.nnff.org/nnff_what.htm

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