Flesh Eating Bacteria | How Do People Get The Flesh Eating Bacteria?

if i put my saliva on a popped pimple would i get it…Its also known as necrotizing fasciitis

Many different types of bacteria can cause this infection. A very severe and usually deadly form of necrotizing soft tissue infection is due to Streptococcus pyogenes, which is sometimes called “flesh-eating bacteria.”Necrotizing soft tissue infection develops when the bacteria enters the body, usually through a minor cut or scrape. The bacteria begins to grow and release harmful substances (toxins) that kill tissue and affect blood flow to the area. As the tissue dies, the bacteria enters the blood and rapidly spreads throughout the body

Yogurt. Sometimes by smearing feces into open wounds. But yeah, yogurt.


Depends what part of the world you’re in… I’d wash my face if I was you though.

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