Flesh Eating Bacteria | Hyperbaric Therapy - A Cure For Severe Diseases Without Side Effects

How many children have fallen prey to severe neurological diseases in past few years? No matter how much we progress in medical science, these diseases seem to be one step ahead of us till now. But there is a reason to rejoice as our research in medical science has been paid off. Finally, hyperbaric therapy is here.

Hyperbaric therapy works on the long proven theory that, under high air pressure oxygen intake of human body rises. Oxygen has antioxidants that can energizes blood cells and increases the speed of healing process. In this therapy, patients get to breathe 100% pure oxygen in a chamber. This chamber is called hyperbaric chamber and it’s the heart of this therapy. This chamber has a capability to control the air pressure within. While being in there, patients are given special breathing mask to breathe from. There are two types of hyperbaric therapy popular in medical treatment world- Monoplace and Multiplace. In monoplace therapy, patients get to experience the treatment individually and in multiplace, multiple patients are allowed to be treated in the chamber.

This therapy has also proved to be beneficial for the surgical patients. As the statistic shows, using this therapy reduces the chance of amputation up to 40% among the patients with severe diseases. Most of the patients, who had to undergo an amputation surgery, were found to be affected from diabetes. But hyperbaric therapy has shown a way to cure diabetes without any side effects.

So, not just the neurological diseases, hyperbaric therapy has shown a ray of hope to the people who are suffering from severe disease like diabetes and:

• Embolism of air or gas
• Poisoning of cells from Carbon Monoxide
• Treatment for flesh Eating Bacteria
• Treatment for Specific non-healing wounds
• Compartment syndrome and crush injury
• Cerebral Palsy
• Epidural abscesses
• Treatment for hearing loss
• Multiple sclerosis
• Hemorrhagic cystitis form radiation
• Inflammatory bowel disease

Professional athletes have also shown interest in using this therapy to stay fit. Through this therapy, our blood cells get highly saturated with antioxidants and deliver food to our damaged tissues, thus healing them totally. As we know, injuries associated with sports can cause muscle strains and sprains. This condition can make the surrounding muscle tissues to be filled with blood and edema, thus affecting the blood circulation. But through hyperbaric therapy, oxygen induced blood cells become flexible and efficient in reaching the damaged tissues and healing them without causing pain our side effect.

So, the bottom line is, hyperbaric therapy is a medicine free way to heal your wounds and diseases and helpful in building a strong immunity against diseases.

About the Author:

Robin Jhonson is well known researcher on autism and an associate of Hyperbaric Training organization. He is astound by the recovering effect of hyperbaric therapy and wishes to spread his knowledge.

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