New Mrsa Outbreak | Are The Staph Outbreak And The Droughts Connected?

It looks like the states with the most severe drought conditions are also the states with the most staph outbreaks. Anyone have other connective theories about the staph and/or drought?Now how do we get this question on the main page and have everyone in America answer it?

I can definitly see the correlation between the two. You present a highly thought out question. As a medical professional, I can say this…staff infections, such as MRSA, have become more prevalent due to the morphing of bacteria/organisms. These diseases have been out there, just not as severe as now. The reason for the severity is that we’ve become immune to the meds out there to treat them. As with MRSA. MRSA is a Methacillan-Resistant Staff. There is not one set med that will work. It’s a process of trial and error. But with these resistant diseases, comes the lack of knowledge of how to care and treat them. The public need to be aware of what steps to take to prevent the spread of the disease. In the beginning, MRSA can look like a simple spider bite. Which many don’t bother to seek medical attention until it’s too late. These infectious diseases are curable, but take time. I hadn’t thought about the statistics of the drought and staph infections until now. But I am intrigued to find out. Although bacteria and virus tend to grow with moisture and heat. But then again, a dry area would “kick up” the bacteria in the environment. Leaving it airborne pathogens.Again, GREAT question!

I didn’t think of that. It does look that way. This is a very interesting observation.

Wow..that is an awesome observation…i would say that they are connected, based on the fact that viruses and bacteria move better in warmer environments. It has also been a particularly hot summer in many of those same regions, I live in North Carolina and thought I would die! It could also be the case that people are cutting back on their water intake as well, not to mention the fact about people not cleaning their cars, more germs hanging around that way..all of this – combined with the overkill of antibiotics – may be killing people’s immune system…It may get better, though, the human body just needs to adapt. Nice observation!

There may be a connection.

Im a fan of Occam’s razor: “All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the right one,”

There has been a steady growth in the consumption of antibiotics. These little beings are adapting to live in an harsher environment and are becoming resistant to drugs. We cannot manage or kill them off.

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