New Mrsa Outbreak | Is It Safe To Have Sexual Relations With Someone Who Is A MRSA Carrier?

My longterm boyfriend was just diagnosed as a MRSA carrier. He has had (2) outbreaks in the last 15 months. The first which was very severe. I have read bodily fluids can infect another person. What precautions should we take?

He needs to get rid of carrier status completely. Otherwise, anything he touches (including faucet handles) after he touches inside of nose will have the MRSA bacteria on it. Outbreaks, when draining, are also very contagious, and should be treated with disposable gloves. Unfortunately, I would expect to contract MRSA if I were you. Skin on skin contact at all raises the risk, it’s not about “sexual relations”. It is really serious stuff. He (and you) should read up on how to best protect yourselves. There’s lists everywhere online. I’m sorry you two are dealing with this. If he has a pet, they should be tested too – if the animal is a carrier, he will continue getting outbreaks from the animal, even if he himself has eliminated his status as carrier. Also know that you might be a carrier, whether or not you’ve had an infection. It can be found out with a simple culture. The best things you can do for yourself is A) wash hands frequently and B) boost your immune system naturally.

Well, it is transmitted skin to skin, You shouldn’t be touching the site of his break out or you can contract it.

MRSA is spread by ANY contact, so unless you plan on getting it, I would suggest you dont have sex or any other contact with him until you talk to a doctor about immunizations.

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You shouldnt have sex with him sorry, and you need to talk to a Dr about anything furthur..

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