New Mrsa Outbreak | Is Pneumonia Contagious? Can It Be Serious Even If You Don't Have A Fever?

I had pneumonia a month ago and I took the antibiotics as prescribed but I’m preety sure it came back. My symptoms are rattling in my cheset, dfficulty in breathing, sore throat, head pains all over, no appetite, can’t talk (laryngitis), and achy all over. I also have a MRSA outbreak on my nost right now. MRSA is that antibiotic resistant staph infection. Thanks for any help.

Pneumonia can be contagious esp when the other person has low resistance to infection. Better cover mouth and nose when coughing. The difficulty of breathing and headaches are bad signs even without fever and you should see your physician esp when you have a MRSA outbreak on your nose.If you have an infection of the nose or paranasal sinuses you are in danger of developing cavernous sinus thrombosis (clotting). Veins from your nose drains into the veins in the brain (cavernous sinus) see your doctor right away.

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Yes it is contagious… a communicable disease…

Pneumonia is not contagious but the virus or bacteria that causes it is contagious. You need to see your doctor.

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