New Staff Outbreak | Anyone See The Movie Outbreak!?

We watched the movie in class, and i was absent for one day so missed some of it1) What is the general reaction of the health care workers at the hospital? why?2) What was the mode of transmission in 1967? What is the mode of transmission now? What is the biggest difference between the two modes?3) What are the similarities/differences between the natives’ and the military’s techniques of dealing with the victims?thanks so much! I really appreciate it!!

1) At which hospital? Here in the U.S., they didn’t realize how deadly the virus was that they were exposed to. There was a 100% death rate. Not all the hospital staff took the necessary quarantine precautions, i.e., total isolation of the patient and the wearing of a self-contained, protective suit from head to toe.2) The VHF viruses are spread in a variety of ways. Some may be transmitted to humans through a respiratory route. That’s what they believed happened in July of 1967. But at the time of the movie (1997), they felt that it was direct contact between the infected person and/or whatever the infected person touched. But within days, the virus mutated AGAIN into a new strain and was airborne, capable of a wide-spread contamination (much like the common flu). It was determined that the released, white-headed capuchin monkey was the initial carrier or host for the two different strains of the deadly virus, and, thus, the source of a cure via it’s antibodies. 3) A. The African natives called upon the aid of a witch doctor (a local juju man) who believed the camp/village was being punished because of the deforestation to build a nearly road. The natives burned their village, including the bodies of the dead. The infectious virus had spread because the community well water was contaminated when one sick person drank from it.B. The military, initially, bombed the small African village in Zaire, obliterating everything in and around it in order to contain the deadly virus (Motaba). Thirty years later, when the virus resurfaced, the doctors at the CDC and AMRID (who were called into to investigate) wanted to send out a “Stage 3 Alert” to 400,000 health workers world-wide. They wanted to warn them to be on the lookout for any new cases that may have occurred — even before Jimbo and his girlfriend were killed by the virus — their request was denied. When the virus started to spread here in the U.S. (particularly in Cedar Creek, California), the armed military personnel quarantined the entire city. Everyone who was ill was taken from their homes and isolated from the general population, including their loved ones. If anyone successfully crossed through the road blocks, barbed-wire fencing, etc. they were shot on the spot.

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