New Staff Outbreak | Are Right Wing Nuts Worse Than The Left Wing Nuts?

I am trying to remember what the left wing nuts – said about Bush, and it is was better or worse than what the current right wing nuts say about Obama. For instance, we laughed at his mannerisms – but why not when he said great stuff like putting food on your family? But did we complain when Bush ate a hamburger? Did we complain when he traveled to Africa? Consider all the things that we got right:1) Torture. First the pubs said it didn’t happen. Then there were pictures, then there were the admissions, then the memos.2) No Weapons of Mass destruction. Enough said.3) The war in Iraq would be costly, and be a breeding ground for terrorists. All true, according to a peer reviewed Lancet Article that estimated a half million dead and the Bush Administration’s own pentagon reports.4) Deregulation would cause chaos and another Great Depression. OK, I am exaggerating here, but no true liberal was a fan of deregulation.5) Bush’s cronyism would cause the government to break down. Katrina, e coli outbreaks, orgies at Interior department, corruption in nearly all the other departments.6) The decision to go to hydrogen would delay hybrid and electric car technology. Mostly true, but also due to the mistakes of the car companies.7) Bush’s picks would make abortion illegal – wrong about that one.8) Bush would start a draft – wrong again – but, that’s only because he lost support for invading Iran.9) The lack of energy policy would doom us. Exaggerated, but fine.10) Global Warming would destroy us all. Just wait.11) Lack of government health plan would imperil many people. True, 40 odd million still lack health insurance.12) Free market trade policy would continue the deterioration of our manufacturing. True.13) Ignoring security would cause us problems with Bin Laden (Clinton and his staff wrote memo after memo saying Bin Laden was the problem, while the administration put Iraq at the top of their agenda, according to Dick Clark and others)14) Bush would destroy the constitution (He tried to get rid of Haebas Corpus, the 8th and 5th amendments and so on. As far as we know, only a handful were denied these rights, but he set a dangerous precedent. Even some of his own supreme court picks ruled against him.). 15) He would rescind the election. False.Now compare it to the right wing nuts, perhaps under Carter. We still have our guns, we don’t live in a totalitarian state, the UN is not coming over the borders, the FED hasn’t taken over (except some bankrupt banks), The economy is actually getting less worse by the day, and all that ridiculous nonsense about putting mustard on your hamburger (Hannity), bowing, going to Africa, redoing the Washington Mall, the inauguration, the puppy incident, the photo over New York and blah blah blah. Pure nonsense.

I guess that it depends on your viewpoint. I think unbalanced people are a waste, no matter which side of the scale they favor.

Nuts are nuts.

The right want to destroy this country from within, the left just make themselves look like a bunch of fools.

Which is worst?

Thanks Francis…I agree

I think the right wingers are more in to destroying the Constitution then the left.

You obviously do not know the value of the us dollar do you? the FED created this crisis…and it is just beginning because the way things are going, the dollar will collapse by summer. The job of both political parties is to cover and distract from the banking cartel who is robbing the US blind.

Left wing nuts usually just hate the powerful and greedy types, and at least theoretically champion the poor and oppressed. They’re quite idealistic, of course, but they’re nowhere near as full of hate as right wingers, who hate about 5 and 1/2 billion people in the world and only think a few like themselves are even worthy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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