New Staff Outbreak | Can You Get An HPV Wart In A Place Where You Have No Direct Body Contact?

Can you get a genital wart in one location of your body through exposure at another? For example, could thigh to thigh contact lead to an outbreak on your buttocks or elsewhere? Also, is it true that the virus has typically run its course if you have no outbreaks for a certain amount of time, although it never truly is eradicated? Finally, certain strains show no symptoms in men. How would men ever know if they had the virus? For such symptomless strains, what is the normal life of the virus?

HPV is not just a STD… it can be on your hands, arms, legs, etc etc… only when it is in the genital area is it considered a STD. With that being said, it is possible to have HPV on you say your partners hands and he or she touches your leg and you can get warts from just that alone. HPV never goes away, it has “flare ups” that means if you have warts, it may go away and then come back a couple years down the road. So if you have warts on your thighs and buttocks, it would not be a STD… if you have them on your penis, then yeah, it is an STD… does that make sense?Also another thing that it could be and I know alot of people that get them, a staff infection. This is like a boil/pimple thing that you can get any where on your body. Staph lives on every ones skins and if you have a small crack or cut on your skin you can get a staph infection. They are usually painful though (not HORRIBLE pain, but they hurt)…

Here read this it will answer what questions u have ok

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