New Staff Outbreak | H1N1 Outbreak In My School?

So far the official population of my school gone with H1N1 is 17% now we’re a larger school so that’s nearly 1700 kids gone from just my school. This is a health hazard and we’re still having class. What would it take to show the school district that we need a breather? How many more people have to get sick before they Absolutely have to shut down class?

The CDC has strongly recommended that schools not close due to H1N1 outbreaks. The WHO has backed off from that, suggesting that a closure at the start of an outbreak may be useful.When a school closes, it loses the per student aid it would have received for 100% of the students. As it is, it is only losing 17% of the aid.The key to a closure for a school may be the number of staff out from illness. As long as enough teachers and staff attend, they can keep the doors open.

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