New Staff Outbreak | In Resident Evil Outbreak Can Unlocked Characters Obtain Character Sp Items Of The Character They're Based On?

I want to know if a character such as yoko z or like the stick figure people taht cna be unlocked in resident evil outbreak can pick up sp items for specific characters. Like since yoko z is based on yoko, can she pick up one of yokos four special items in a scenario? Or does it have to be yoko? I think you can do it with unlocked characters in file 2 but what about one?????

I’m not sure, but try with the most simple sp item, this sp item is for Yoko, so try with a related Yoko character, then choose easy/normal and if you can get the first sp item listed below, look for the 2 sp item, you can’t get, either, then you must use Yoko Suzuki:Item Name: Manly HandkerchiefScenario: 1Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL B, HARD/VERY HARD ARoom Name: 1F WOMEN’S BATHROOMLocation : The right corner of the sink. Face the direction of the doorDescription: Kevin gave me this handkerchief. He may not look it, but he’s areally nice guy…Item Name: Cute StrapScenario: 1Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL ARoom Name: 2F STAFF ROOMLocation : Between the refrigerator and the cabinet drawerDescription: This is the kind of strap people in Japan use on their cellphones. It has a cute little dog on it.Item Name: “Unlock the Brain”Scenario: 1Set Pattern & Difficulty: EASY/NORMAL A, HARD/VERY HARD BRoom Name: 2F OWNER’S ROOMLocation : The right side of the book shelf facing the doorDescription: “Unlock the hidden potential of the human mind.” What are humanbeings really capable of?

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