New Staff Outbreak | Which Was The More Important As An Outbreak Of The War In 1914?

(i) German militarism or(ii) Russian weakness please explain why it was important to the outbreak of war in 1914?

The militarism of Imperial Germany.It certainly was not Russian weakness, as the Austro-Hungarians would never have declared war on Serbia, without the German “Blank Cheque” for fear of finding themselves at war with Russia.The German General Staff also used their influence in Vienna to undermine the Austro-Hungarian Doves, and bolster their Hawks.From the moment the Archduke of Austria was assassinated, the German General Staff did everything in their power to ensure the outbreak of WWI. The evidence in diplomatic archives are damning.

German militarism.

At that time, Kaiser Wilhelm was keen on pursuing an aggressive foreign policy, known as “Weltpolitik”, where essentially Germany was considered a major superpower and the other powers had to recognize its supremacy. According to the historian Fischer, it foreshadows the “Lebensraum” expansionist policy of Hitler.

Hope it helped – don’t forget that other essential factors in the outbreak of war in 1914 were 1) Balkan Crisis 2) rise in Imperialism and 3) Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination.

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