New Staff Outbreak | Will The Doctor Or Staff Keep My Genital Hsv Private During Delivery?

I have had hsv 1 genitally for a few years. I have never had a reoccurent outbreak. I would like to start a family in the future, I am wondering if the doctors can keep that info private during delivery when so many family and staff will be around. I’m sure I won’t have an out break suddenly during labor but I know the doctor will look out for signs. Will he keep that to him or her self?

Yes, they have to keep that information private. It is part of a HIPPA law, and noone can discuss your medical information to anyone but you! I would also inform the doctor prior to labor and delivery that you do not want that mentioned, as some doctors feel some patients and families are very close and would either know or not care to hear your personal info, so I would just tell the staff and doc ahead of time to keep your information private. Good luck

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