Staph Infection | 15 Eastwood Football Players Contracted Staph Infections

PEMBERVILLE, OH (WTOL)- Eastwood High School has been forced to take quick action to contain a serious health threat.

15 Eastwood football players on the team contracted staph infections.

The staph infections didn’t hurt the Eastwood Eagles on the football field. They’re coming off a big winlast Friday night against Lake. But it did lead to changes when it comes to athletic equipment and in the classrooms.

While the team was preserving their undefeated record, two Fridays ago some of the players noticed pimples on their arms that then started to look like a deep carpet burn.

staph infection

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It was a staph infection. That’s when bacteria get into open cuts or sores.

Most of the sick players were offensive linemen, coming into constant contact with other players at practice.

“You know we had the kids looked at by the team physician and he gave them some kind of prescription of sorts and we knew what it was and we were very comfortable and we are comfortable with how they handled it,” Eastwood Schools Superintendent Brent Welker said.

The players had to misstwo to three days of practice while the antibiotic kicked in. They alsohad to cover any open sores.

Principal Jeff Hill says an intense cleaning

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