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After two hospital visits last year, Sylvester is glad to be outside, able to horse around with his team during an intense preseason scrimmage.

Syvester and his squad are preparing for their 2011 Mountain Valley Conference opener at rival Wiscasset on Sept. 6 (4 p.m.).

“I am back to doing what I love,” said Sylvester after participating in the scrimmage at the tail end of a two-plus hour practice with his team. “After what happened to me last season, I am fired up to be back out here, coaching my team again.”

He first developed a staph infection in his elbow, the pain and blackened upper part of his arm sending Sylvester to the emergency room. He spent seven excruciating days laid up as tubes drained the poison from his system. The final two days in the hospital, according to Sylvester, were mandated “because the doctor didn’t want me rushing back to the soccer field.

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“We were getting set to play St. Dom’s, a big game for us, and I told the doctor I had to hurry up and ‘get out of here so I can coach my team,’” the Edward Little graduate remembers. “The doctor said, ‘no you won’t,’ and had me stay a couple extra days to make sure the infection was gone. Fortunately, that was the only game I missed.”

Sylvester’s brother Mark, the team’s assistant coach, took over and watched the Greyhounds play an inspirational game for their coach, eventually falling to the then-unbeaten Saints 4-2 in an end-to-end contest.

“Mark told me they played with so much emotion, and was truthfully one of their best games of the season,” said Sylvester, who returned for the final two games as the Greyhounds finished 5-8-1. “That game against St. Dom’s showed their character. It made me feel good that they were motivated and came out and played with a lot of heart and passion for me. I am honored to be their coach.”

A hospital return

Unfortunately, the 2010 setbacks were not over.

As the basketball season began and Sylvester at the helm of the Sugg Middle School Greyhounds, he fell ill again and had to be rushed to the hospital.

This time, his appendix had to be removed. Complications during the surgery

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