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Body art can honor a special time in a person’s life. Regardless of how “special” the occasion and before making an impulse decision, consider the risks and downsides. Verified testimonials come from the people with the name of their ex tattooed on their body who live the rest of their lives toting regret.
tattoos are a permanent ink/dye marking on the skin. Scrubbing with soap will not remove the tattoo.

Branding/Scarification sees the skin seared with specific instruments (hot iron/scalpel) which create a raised design; the darker the skin, the better the keloid. A keloid is a tough heaped-up scar that rises above the rest of the skin. It is irregularly shaped and tends to enlarge gradually. Unlike scars, keloids do not subside over time.

Body piercing entails a sharp instrument passed through a fold of skin or part of the body.

Body play or shaping is the harshest of body art practices. It includes body suspension, waist/corset training, and implantation of objects under the skin. Common objects located underneath the flesh are metal spikes/marbles. Do not dive in head first without weighing up the pros and cons. You must give serious thought to the aftermath if the procedure goes belly up.

Type of body art fast becoming the rage is aesthetic dentistry. This includes gold/silver and porcelain caps. The process sees a hole drilled into a molar (ouch) and a sparkling gem placed into the orifice.

Body paint is a temporary method and by far the best and safest of skin decorations purely because “it can be removed.” Body paint includes Mehndi – an Indian tradition. Henna dye is used for creating patterns onto the hands and feet of the Indian bride-to-be. Simplicity is nonexistent in Mehndi design; in fact they are done with precision although complicated. The skin retains the dye therefore lasting up to six weeks.

staph infection

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Most pursued after is the permanent make up. It saves time and is cost affective. Applying and buying eyeliner and lipstick is put on the back burner for at least 4 to 6 years. Permanent makeup is applied to eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids and lips.
tattoos never look the same after ten years or so. As time passes the design of the tattoo becomes a blur. Designs change with the times therefore leaving you with an out of date smudge of ink. Non permanent is the answer.

Things you must check out and ask the tattoo artist.

1 How long has the business been running? Ask people who have used the services of your chosen studio for their opinion.

2 Ask about the artists training and of their experience. Speak on a one to one basis and ask how they maintain a clean and sterile environment.

3 Be vigilent, after all you’re paying big money and want professional “body art” and not “shoddy art.” Watch the artist in operation. Look to see if new ink and needle is used for each customer. Keep a watchful eye on the sterilization process.

4 Ask the tattooist have they first aid training

5 If the studio does not have an autoclave, forget it, “dry heat” is not considered appropriate sterilization equipment. A spore test will clarify if the autoclave is working properly. The autoclave is a device used in the medical profession. It heats sterilizing solutions above boiling point.

6 If you see no strict hygiene measures taken (sterile needles) then take to the street. Needles soaked in liquid alone is not enough? Needles should come from a new package.

7 Injuries only really happen when tattoos/piercings are performed by an unprofessional in an illegal back street studio.

8 Check the studio has an aftercare sheet which is up-to-date on industry standards? Read all fine detail omitting nothing. If it instructs “you” to clean the piercing/tattoo using ointment or hydrogen peroxide, this tells you the studio is not safe and does not fall within the boundaries of required industry standards.

Consider all risks. If the body piercing goes wrong it can seriously affect your health. You may end up a hospital casualty if infection sets in. The staph infection and contact dermatitis can be caused by nickel composition in piercing jewelry. Dermatitis is an allergic reaction disallowing the pierced area to heal properly. Unhealed piercings show skin festering, soreness and swelling. Placing of piercings vary. (Belly button – eyes – tongue and genitals.)
Tongue piercings can crack teeth, chip or loosen due to excess weight of a spike/stud. Ink dyes can include metallic salts which may cause slight irritation

Brace yourself for the cost and pain of tattoo removal.

1 Laser removal does not guarantee complete riddance of a tattoo. Laser treatment carries little pain. Nonetheless recovery can be painful.

2 Dermabrasion is, “painful.” The tattoo is “cut out” of the skin.

3 Salabrasion is painful also, tattoo is “scraped off” the skin using a rubbing salt and rock.

Does it hurt having a tattoo; yes so bring a hankie to wipe those tears brought on by pain or from the remorse of ever having it done.

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