Staph Infection | FGCU, Glick Focus On One Goal

When Bob Butehorn was handed the task of establishing a men’s soccer team from scratch five years ago at Florida Gulf Coast, he knew what kind of student-athletes it would take to mold and shape a successful program. They wouldn’t just have to be good players, but good people and conscientious students.

One of the keystones in that foundation Butehorn was building would turn out to be a little-known goalkeeper from Leola, Pa., by the name of Adam Glick. A friend of Butehorn’s spotted Glick, and said he had a lot of potential. Butehorn watched video of Glick, and began recruiting him, and realized he had the character and qualities the coaching staff was looking for as they launched a new program.

Now, all Butehorn had to do was convince Glick that Florida Gulf Coast was the place for him. Not only was it a brand-new program, but the school was beginning a four-year process of transitioning from Division II to Division I, which meant the soccer team would not be competing in postseason competition – Atlantic Sun Conference tournaments or NCAA championships – for the first four seasons.

It could have been a tough sell, but Glick really liked the idea of helping to forge a new program.

“I came here so I could build something from the ground up,” Glick said. “Twenty years from now, I can say, ‘Hey, I started that. I was on the first team and the first goalkeeper ever to play at this school and I was a part of the inaugural season.’”

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Glick also liked the prospect of playing immediately, and not biding his time while upperclassmen got their shot.

“It appealed to me because at most of the other schools I would have had to sit at least a year or two before I even saw the field,” Glick said. “I knew if I came here, I would start and get more playing time with every year.”

In that first season, Glick made an immediate impact for the Eagles, starting all 19 contests and earning Atlantic Sun All-Freshman Team honors. As a sophomore, Glick was named captain as the program kept improving.

“Each year, he has stepped forward and took on different responsibilities whether it was with the team or outside the team,” Butehorn said. “He’s given us a good foundation for what the character of our program was going to be based upon, while giving us a fantastic foundation for growing it in the future.”

While Glick’s contributions have laid the groundwork for future Eagle players, his collegiate career did suffer a setback during the summer of what would have been his junior season. He had torn his meniscus, and underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair the injury.

“It was just a simple procedure,” Glick said. “It took 30 minutes and I walked right after the surgery. I felt fine. Then, a couple days later, my knee started to swell up and eventually I developed a staph infection – I guess from one of the instruments. I was in the .01 percentile for getting a staph infection from the procedure.”

Glick spent four weeks in the hospital and dropped 60 pounds fighting off the infection.

“The story was pretty sad,” Butehorn said. “To end up having a staph infection of that serious of nature – MSRA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is deadly. He was a shell of what he was a year prior.”

Entering the preseason in 2009, Glick still had a tube in his arm that would send fluids and medicine directly to his heart. He was forced to medically redshirt, and sit on the bench and watch.

With a lot of rehabilitation that

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