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Traditional western medicine has focused mostly on the symptoms and alleviation of pain by drugs, surgery, or other invasive expensive procedures. Recently western medicine has been exploring the mind body connection. Western medicine is bound by years of traditionally treating the symptoms however. This ignores the true reasons behind the illness.

Just as a car requires gas, oil, spark, and oxygen, your body requires different things to function properly. You must be in synchronization physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to obtain optimum health.

Theta healing addresses all of the different aspects of your health through four levels: core, history, gene, and soul. It can revitalize your life and practitioners often attribute the increased vitality influences everything from their finances to their youthful appearance.

staph infection

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Vianna Stibal founded Thetahealing. She had bone cancer on her femur. Thetahealing does not go against traditional medicine but asks what is best for each individual patient. Vianna began doing what she felt was intuitively best for her case beginning with a series of cleanses. Previously to this she had had a staph infection too. She was subsequently diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and not bone cancer. She attributed the lymphatic cancer to mercury poisoning. She had tried conventional medicine, cleanses, nutrition, oils, vitamins, affirmations, visualizations. She remained ill no matter what she tried. Vianna went on a camping trip where she relieved her aunt’s pain and helped a man by being in contact with the Creator Of All That Is. She realized this was what she needed to do for herself and commanded a healing upon her leg. It returned to normal and she remains healthy.

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