Staph Infection | How Do You Prevent Staph?

Staph infection is often spread when an open sore or wound comes in contact with another object that has been infected with staph. If you are worried about getting staph, take precautions by washing your hands with soap and water – or even better use Purel, a very common product that almost every hospital carries these days. If you have access to hydrogen peroxide or another antiseptic use that to clean your open wound or sore.

If you think you may contracted staph, you need to go see a doctor so you can get the proper medical attention you need. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to fight off the staph infection if your case is serious enough. Don’t hesitate to seek medical attention if you think you may have an infection. If staph spreads and gets bad enough it could affect your limbs or even worse your central nervous system, which would be a very dangerous and potentially life threatening predicament.

staph infection

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Try to stay away from areas that are used often by other people. For example, wrestlers often get staph infection, because they fail to appropriately sanitize the gym mats prior to wrestling. If you use a subway or another public area, make sure to wash your hands right away and as a preventative measure, cover up any open sores or wounds to minimize the chance they can get infected.

Sometimes staph is resistant to normal antiobitics, so if your body doesn’t respond right away to treatment it’s OK, your physician may have something stronger for you to try out. You can help self diagnose yourself and you should always stay vigilant if you think something is wrong. However, don’t forget to seek out professional assistance if things get bad, there is a reason the doctor is the expert.

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