Staph Infection | Karate Students Feel Better Through Helping Others

SALISBURY, N.C. (AP) – Bobby “Mike” McGee has always been self-sufficient. Now, after a surgery and subsequent staph infection left him struggling to walk, he’s relying on others and vowing to pay it forward.

Earlier this month, a group of children from Sidekick Karate in China Grove heard about McGee through Main Street Mission and went to his house to do a little landscaping. The children and their instructors mowed the McGees’ yard and pulled weeds.

McGee, 43, had been struck with back pain for four years and was unable to walk without pain. He regularly saw his doctor, who would send McGee to a pain clinic.

“It didn’t work,” he said.

He had several bulging discs and nerves wrapped around the discs in his back. In May, he had surgery and soon after came down with a fever while at home. McGee also began hallucinating.

His wife, Carolyn, didn’t know what to do. He began shaking.

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Having no way to the hospital, she called for an ambulance.

“They said I could’ve died that night,” he said.

While he was in the hospital a second time, doctors discovered a staph infection, likely from the surgery.

He was diagnosed with discitis or disc space infection.

Carolyn administers antibiotics to her husband every 12 hours.

He’s currently doing physical and occupational therapy and is doing better. McGee is doing everything he can to prevent being wheelchair bound. He uses walkers and canes when he can.

He was born with club feet and endured multiple surgeries as a child. The thought of going back into a wheelchair is daunting.

McGee hopes to be mobile as he was before within a year. He would also like to be able to sit up long enough to strum his bass guitar. He’s played in several bands and performed at various events including the China Grove Farmer’s Day.

A friend of McGee’s, Bryant Wilson, set to work on building a wheelchair ramp onto the back of the house.

Many churches, family and friends donated money for lumber and supplies. In a matter of days, Wilson had erected a ramp.

“It breaks my heart because I was always helping somebody else,” he said.

When they are financially

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