Staph Infection | Mercy Performs Well In Infection Report

MASON CITY – Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa outperformed stateaverages in preventing surgical infections and staph infections,according to a new report.

The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative recently released its “IowaHospital Infection Rates” report comparing statistics from 2009 and2010 for infections at the surgical site of variousprocedures.

Staph infection rates were also reported.

Wright Medical Center in Clarion, the only other North Iowahospital for which statistics were available, also outperformed thestate as a whole in its infection rates for certainprocedures.

The statistics were voluntarily collected and reported by thehospitals for the report.

“This report indicates that our team of medical professionals -professionals, providers and nurses – have done a great job ofkeeping people healthy in ways that exceed national benchmarks,”said Dr. Paul Manternach, Mercy senior vice president, physicianintegration.

staph infection

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“Mercy-North Iowa continues to develop new and innovative processesand procedures to enhance the care delivered to the residents ofNorth Iowa and southern Minnesota.”

Specific findings included:

Mercy-North Iowa’s infection rate for coronary artery bypassgraft surgeries increased from 0 percent of 185 patients in 2009 to.64 percent of 156 patients in 2010, which means less than 1patient in 100 became infected at the surgical site for heartbypass surgery.

Statewide, infections were reported in about three of every 100coronary bypass procedures in 2009 and 2010.

At Mercy-North Iowa, the infection rate decreased for colonsurgeries from 2009 to 2010, from 6.86 for 102 patients to 2.94percent for 102 patients, with infections reported in from six of100 patients in 2009 to about three patients per 100 in 2010.

The infection rate statewide for colon surgeries was five in 100surgeries in both 2009 and 2010.

Mercy-North Iowa showed a 0 percent infection rate forhysterectomies in both 2009 (of 304 patients) and 2010 (349patients).

Wright Medical Center reported a 0 rate of infection forhysterectomies in 2009 (43 patients) and 2010 (70 patients).

The state infection rate for hysterectomy procedures increased fromone to two per 100 from 2009 to 2010.

Mercy-North Iowa’s infection rate for hip surgeries increasedfrom 0 percent in 2009 (221 patients) to 1.16 percent in 2010

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