Staph Infection | Michigan's Denard Robinson Discloses Midseason Staph Infection In Forearm

For the first time in his Michigan career, junior quarterback Denard Robinson admitted publicly he was concerned.

“A little bit, but the doctor said I was going to be OK,” he said Friday.

The trepidation came earlier this season, when Robinson was admitted to the hospital for a night after contracting a staph infection in the forearm of right, throwing arm.

The news never leaked to the media. Robinson never said a word publicly. And the only outward sign was a wrap on his forearm against Minnesota on Oct. 1.

Even a few teammates said Friday that they had no idea it was so serious. But it was severe enough, coach Brady Hoke admitted Friday, that it looked as though Robinson might have to miss a game.

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For a player who goes to great lengths to downplay his injuries and discomfort, Robinson confessed the injury “was painful” and took two to three weeks to heal.

While Robinson’s season was impressive early and at the end, the sluggish middle has gained more of an explanation than growing pains.

“It affected me a lot in the games and practice, but I kept pushing it because I knew my teammates would do the same for me, so I had to be accountable,” said Robinson, who has started all 25 games at quarterback the past two seasons.

Hoke said Friday: “He had a staph infection. He had a lot of different problems he went through during the course of the season. His elbow, his hand. He had an abdominal problem. He’s a tough guy. He played with it. He was so much healthier (late) and more confident at the same time.”

Watching Robinson fight through all that yet still take the field and produce, even if not at an elite level, was enough for Hoke

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