Staph Infection | MRSA Strikes Kenston Community Education Center

By Angela Gartner

More than six cases of the MRSA staph infection were reported within the Kenston Community Education football team this week.

Officials at the sports facility that serves Bainbridge and Auburn townships found out about the first case on Wednesday.

The student played on a community football team composed of fifth and sixth-graders.

“We immediately sprayed the school’s turf with disinfectant.” Kenston Community Education Director Jennifer Holzheimer said.

“We did not allow the kids to return until the locker room and equipment was done.”

staph infection

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She said letters were sent to parents with an information sheet on the infection.

Geauga County Health Board, Kenston School Board and the fall coaches also were notified.

The facility is used by sports teams within Kenston Schools and by community members.

Holzheimer said athletes should cover open sores and shower after each activity to help prevent infection.

“Wash uniforms and keep equipment clean,” she said. “Follow basic hygiene practices. Getting informed is the best prevention protection for kids.”

The students diagnosed with MRSA won’t practice with their team until they have a doctor’s note confirming they are free of infection.

“I haven’t had this happen,” Holzheimer said. “We are going to educate the kids, parents

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