Staph Infection | NSW Hospitals Worst For Staph Infections

Nine of 13 Australian hospitals that have failed to meet the national benchmark for golden staph infection rates are in NSW.

Infection rates for 450 public hospitals were uploaded to the federal government’s MyHospitals website for the first time on Thursday.

The national benchmark for staph blood infections is no more than two cases per 10,000 occupied bed days.

Thirteen hospitals failed to meet the standard in 2010/11 – nine in NSW and one each in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

The NSW hospitals that weren’t quite up to scratch included Westmead with 2.48 infections per 10,000 bed days, Liverpool with a rate of 2.33, Concord with 2.17 and Blacktown with 2.13.

staph infection

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Health Minister Nicola Roxon says patients have a basic right to know information about their hospitals but insists the government won’t be publishing league tables ranking them.

“Extra hospital beds are important but patients want to know what’s under the mattress as well,” she told reporters at Bankstown Hospital in Sydney’s west.

“But the purpose (of MyHospitals) is to be able to provide information to the community and health professionals who want to compare like with like.

“We’re not showing it in a league table format.”

Ms Roxon said doctors and nurses were inherently competitive so once they knew how their hospital compared with others they would “always strive to

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