Staph Infection | Robinson Reveals He Played Through Staph Infection

Evidently, a “boo-boo” is another term for staph infection.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke revealed Friday ” while defending Denard Robinson’s up-and-down season ” that his starting quarterback had battled through a midseason staph infection in addition to an abdominal injury and issues with his elbow and hand.

When Robinson wore a wrap on his right forearm before Michigan’s game against Minnesota in October, Hoke and Robinson dismissed it as a “boo-boo.” In reality, it was a staph infection that lingered for two to three weeks.

“Turns out you didn’t have a boo-boo,” a reporter asked Robinson on Friday. “You had a staph infection?”

Robinson threw his head back and laughed.

“It was a deal,” Robinson said, repeating another popular Hoke-speak phrase.

“I was a little sick ” had a staph infection. But I went out there and still played. I did it for my team.”

Then the details started to emerge. It was diagnosed sometime soon after the season opener, possibly after the Notre Dame game. Robinson and Hoke weren’t sure.

staph infection

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No, Robinson didn’t spread the infection to other teammates. Hoke credited his staff for their careful handling of the situation.

Yes, it was painful. And Robinson admitted he was scared. But the doctor’s reassurance that he was going to be OK put him at ease.

The doctor explained that he probably got it from the field turf, and said that he was allowed to play but only if he took adequate care of it.

But the infection was serious enough that he spent a night in the hospital. Hoke wasn’t sure Robinson if would have to miss at least one game. Robinson said “it got close,” but added that there was no doubt in his mind.

“(I’m) going to play regardless,” Robinson told the doctor the day he found out.

Against Minnesota, he generated his third-highest passer rating of the season (188.4), completing 15-of-19 passes for 169 yards. He accounted for three touchdowns in Michigan’s 58-0 win.

“It affected me a lot in the games and practice, but I kept pushing it because I knew my teammates would do the same for me,” Robinson said. “I had to be accountable.

“It was (affecting my throwing) a little bit, but I can’t make any complaints. I was playing with it.”

The wrap was exchanged for a bandage the next week against Northwestern. The bandage was there again the next week when he completed just 38 percent of his passes and struggled mightily in

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