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Mrsa | Mrsa Treatments With Manuka Honey Have Monumental Results

The CDC (Center of Disease Control) indicates that the rate of infections that are antimicrobial resistant has been growing annually. In 1974 MRSA infections accounted for only 2% of the total number of staph infections. In 1995 it was 22% and in 2004 it was an astonishing 63%. Antibiotic resistant bacteria is found in all wards throughout most hospitals and MRSA infections are 8.6 times more    .. more …

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Mrsa | Washing Hands - Why It's Important To Keep Them Clean

Some people are overly fussy about washing their hands all the time while others don’t clean them as much. But for most part we clean our hands when they get dirty or are stained.Cleaning our hands prevents the transferring and spreading of nasty germs that we come into contact with in the toilet, through door handles, from an ATM, from a handshake, after touching the sick and from the many    .. more …

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