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Mrsa | Is A C. Diff Vaccine Around The Corner? - Article Dashboard


The British biotech company Acambis, have recently conducted trials of a new vaccine that could offer a preventative answer and stop the spread of a ‘superbug’ that kills more people than MRSA. Trials at around 30 hospitals with high incidences of C. Diff infection will be carried out to see if the vaccine prevents the diarrhoea caused by the bug from returning. Patients known to have suffered    .. more …

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Mrsa | Mrsa Infection

The number of MRSA cases has dropped by a third compared with the same period last year, official figures from the Health Protection Agency have shown. There were 725 reported cases of the superbug from July to September 2008, down 13% on the previous quarter. The figures are down by 33% on the previous year’s number of 1,082. This can only be a good thing, and government officials have been    .. more …

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Mrsa Symptoms | Mrsa: The Superbug That Just Won't Go Away

Everyone has heard of MRSA but what exactly is it? MRSA (sometimes referred to as a ‘superbug’) stands for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and is a bacterium from the staphylococcus aureus family. About one in three people carry it on the surface of the skin or in the nose without developing an infection. MRSA SymptomsHowever, if it gets into the body through a break in the skin, it    .. more …

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