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Mrsa | Touch Screen Tech And MRSA Virus Dangers


Well, touch screen technology is finally here, isn’t it? That’s great, I guess we all agree, and yet, I’d sure like to remind everyone that the MRSA virus is also here, there, and well, everywhere as well. The other day, I was sitting at Starbucks discussing this with a medical student who is in his final round of medical school classes, what a long haul it’s been for him, all he does is study,    .. more …

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What Is Mrsa | MRSA Disease - What You Should Know

Medical news about mur-sa, an acronym for MRSA has been doing the rounds for the past decade. Understanding MRSA disease is important today on account of the widespread implications this infection has on the people infected by this skin ailment.Here are answers to some frequently asked question on MRSA.What Is MRSA?Many people talk of MRSA as a type of virus. This is not so. MRSA is in fact a    .. more …

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