What Is Mrsa | Can PHenomenal Fight Cancer As Well As It Does MRSA?

We get calls all the time about MRSA, Cancer and pHenomenal. As you know, pHenomenal is specifically designed to help with MRSA. But does that mean it can’t help with other things?

There is a lot of information out there about alkalizing the body as a Cancer therapy. One of the reasons I knew pHenomenal would work for MRSA is because MRSA is similar to Cancer.

A malignant cell is called a “fermenting cell.” Any human fermenting cell is Cancer. It has a very distinct personality. Each fermenting cell begins with hypoxia, or low-oxygen condition (acid). Cancer needs this environment to begin. Then the cells start to grow and replicate.

What do those cells eat? A Cancer cell has 18 times the sugar receptors than a normal cell. So, it eats sugar. And it produces Lactic and Uric acids (as well as others) as a byproduct.

what is mrsa

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The two are very similar, except one is a cell and one is a bacteria. It is a lot easier to kill bacteria than it is to kill a bunch of malignant cells.

Will pHenomenal stop Cancer? Sorry to say our limited research on that says no. It will help the body rid itself of acidity, which means the immune system will be stronger and have a better chance of fighting. The difference is MRSA protects itself specifically with Lactic and Uric acids and pHenomenal is designed to rid the body of those.

Stay healthy and be happy.

MRSA can be stopped by understanding its relationship with lactic acid.
We will see you in our next video and article.

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